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So looking to hire seo freelancer in Dubai? Well that’s easy to get. But do you know what should you check before hiring them? Let’s check.

Lets see in details how to Hire SEO Specialist in Dubai :

What is my need:

Always check what are you going to achive after hiring seo freelancer? like for eg: You may be looking for traffic or you may be looking for leads or you want to get your website on first page.

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Now, As you are looking to achieve something from the above examples you know now what do you want. And after knowing your needs you plan your scope of SEO project

What is the scope of my project:

Now you know your needs, make a scope of your project like for example: You are looking to rank say 10 keywords on first page in 6 months.

Make a list of daily on-page & off-page SEO activity which would be done till 6 months. Like: keyword optimization, landing page optimization, listings, link exchanging etc.


When you make a scope of project it becomes easy to execute and also it helps to understand how much work seo expert need to do and the amount to be paid is justifiable or not.

hire seo specialist in dubai | seo freelancer dubai

How much should I invest to hire seo freelancer in Mumbai:

Now you know about scope of project, you can take an estimate/quotation from 2 or 3 other seo expert so that you can analyse and take decision about the investment.

Here you should note that lower amount charged does not mean you have saved money or even it does not mean that quality of service by seo expert is noot good.

The charges can be according to scope of project. Lets say: you are tagetting 10 keywords for 6 months and seo expert is charging you RS/10000/- check the services he is covering in that RS/10000/-

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I would tell you a story of a Sugar cane juice manufacturing project which was to be maid in Indonesia:

Who were the bidders: U.S.A, China, Japan Canada.

U.S.A gave costing of 100 million dollars.

Canada gave costing of 95 million dollars.

China gave 70 million dollars.

Japan gave highest quote of 150 million dollars.

After analyzing the cost, Japan was chosen. Why?

U.S.A, Canada only looked for better costing and profit. China looked for cheaper costing and break the competition but what Japan did was erecting a manufacturing unit and also developing the community around that unit by building school, Train local population and hire them in that project so that they can even continue working in unit after Japanese leaving the unit also developing village infrastructure.This was the reason Indonesia took Japan.

So moral of the story, Check what is deliverable.Investments can be different. Got it?

What Should be the deadline:

Deadline should be anything which is achievable, Affordable and should not compromise with quality of deliverable’s.

Deadline should be set only after proper discussion with SEO expert. Dead line should not be set individually.Point to be noted.

Should I hire SEO specialist in Dubai or should I look for full time executive:

After checking scope of project, Investment and deadline you should come to know that whether freelancing should be continued or hire seo expert.As it is directly related to investment capability.

Check some of his/her projects & related background:

This is by default. You have to check the past work of freelance seo expert.Project may be small or big but you should check. You may understand the capability of professional.

Check payment method:

Indeed, It should be safe and secured. You may prefer any method but always try to pay as per project completion phase. Like 1st month 20 % 3rd month 40% after 6 months 60%. Take this as an example.

But this technique ensures safety and security of project completion. There are many cases of fraud. So be aware and never pay full at a time.

After checking everything, Time for analysis:

Decision Time! After checking all the above check list make points of your thoughts what you should expect from seo expert and how successful may be your collaboration.

We hope you took some knowledge out of this article and take right decision to hire seo specialist in dubai or from other place.

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Quick Faqs
to Hire Seo Specialist In Dubai

1: Can I hire SEO Specialist on immediate basis?

2: How fast I can get results?
-Generally we rank any keyword within 1 month but it takes at-least 4-6 months to land your website on 1st page.

3: Is there a discount if I hire SEO freelancer during this lock-down?
– Yes. kindly email us on or call us on  +919967953527



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